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In a world where we are constantly bombarded with reports of terrorist attacks, political scandals, threats of war, and at a time when our own citizenry seems divided almost to the point of violence, one small child, whose name is known only to God, showed us that we are still a loving and caring people.  This child has proven that we can set aside our differences, our fears, and our biases to join together for something greater than ourselves.    

Some will say this is merely symbolic and does not help this child at all.  We took on this campaign with the hope that people will see that every life, no matter how short or tragic, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  No child should ever be thrown away “like it was trash” and be forever forgotten.  It is our hope and prayer that this child will finally know peace.

​​The Holliday Charitable Foundation
A 501(c)(3) Private Foundation

On April 19, 2017, workers at a Phoenix construction site uncovered the remains of a small child just beneath the surface.  You might have seen this story on the local news stations in Phoenix.  One of the workers who discovered the body said, “Somebody was heartless and threw [the child] away like it was trash.”

The people of the community set up a makeshift memorial at the site with stuffed animals, candles, prayers and gifts to honor this “forgotten child”.  We began to wonder, what will happen to this child after the police and medical examiner conclude their investigation?  Will there simply be an unmarked grave in a county cemetery somewhere forever making this precious child of God truly forgotten?
The Holliday Charitable Foundation’s purpose is to help the “Least of These”, and this child certainly qualified.   We made it our goal to provide this child with a decent and proper burial.    The word went out and our patrons responded.  The campaign was fully funded in eight (8) minutes!  But it didn't stop there.  One kind soul donated a burial plot at Greenwood Memorial Lawn.  Another donated a headstone.  Another engraved the headstone.  Greenwood Memorial Lawn donated the casket, burial site preparation and set up for a memorial service, all while people continued to gave to the campaign above and beyond the goal.